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Centrum Transferu Technologii Morskich

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About us

Centre for Maritime Technology Transfer (CMTT) was founded on 1 December 2010 as an answer to a need of making the inventions of the Maritime University of Szczecin researchers commercially successful. 

Our aim is to take the most promising ideas forward through intellectual property rights (IPR) licensing, new venture creation and consultancy.

 We are a team of result-oriented and dedicated professionals who:
  • drive the flow of knowledge within and out of academia
  • facilitate the transfer of technologies between the supply and demand sides of technology-enabled markets
  • drive long-term benefits to the University and its academics
  • gain funds from the EU funding instruments for research and development and University infrastructure improvement (list of projects to be found here)
  • try to be an attractive partner for industry, investors and research institutions. 
If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us at
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